June 24 2021

We are so excited to be planning our 2022 festival, finally celebrating our 71st! “Moosic in the Park” is sure to be an exciting event again, 11 am- 2 pm on the Tuesday and Wednesday. It is a great opportunity for your group to have a full dress rehearsal in preparation for your year end concert. Even more so, “Moosic in the Park” also provides a wonderful time for lunch in a beautiful venue enjoying the music of other festival participants. Food trucks will be on hand, or pick up your lunch from a local restaurant and join us as an audience member.

Registration for our 2022 festival will open at 4 pm on Tuesday, October 12. Because we are anticipating a lower registration, we ask that you avoid choosing Monday for a 1st choice for concert bands, and avoid Tuesday for 1st choice for jazz bands and choirs. We will only use those days if needed.

Mark you calendars for 4 pm on Tuesday, October 12!

“All the cool kids will be there”

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