Moose Jaw Band & Choral Festival Inc.
PO Box 883, Moose Jaw, SK. S6H 4P5
Festival office: *** 306-681-3850***



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Directors’ Information Package

Welcome to the Moose Jaw Band and Choral Festival.

Registration: Even if you know where your performance venue is located, we ask that when you arrive in Moose Jaw, stop by our Festival Office at Comfort Inn, 155 Thatcher Drive West (one block west of Main on the north side of town) to register your group. Parking buses is easy and convenient.

All outstanding payments (cash or cheque only) are due at the time of
registration. At that time you will receive:
* Banners
* Parking passes
* Programs

At that time we ask you to pay any outstanding fees, either by cash or cheque.
We suggest that you register at least an hour before your scheduled performance time. Let us know if this presents any difficulties for you.

SD Cards will be at your first venue of performance. If you have more than one group you are asked to be responsible to present it at each subsequent performance along with your scores and bio.

**** Student drop-off ****

Please do not expect any venue to be available for entry prior to 7:50 am.

St. Andrew United Church Hall, 60 Athabasca St. E. Parking for drop off is directly in front of the church  on Athabasca St. E. This is best accessed by driving south on Main St., turning left on Hochelaga St, right on 1st Ave. NE, then right on Athabasca St. E. Students are to enter the doors to the left of the main door, then turn left to the chapel, the warm up space. DO NOT enter the main church doors. NOTE: To avoid congestion, there will be an up and down staircase. Please follow the signs and the volunteers.

St. Aidan Anglican Church Hall, 124 – 1st Ave NE. Four parking meters on High St. have been reserved for drop-off and pick-up only. This is best accessed by driving south on Main St and turning left on High St. Students are to enter the door on the west end of the building via the ramp and proceed downstairs to the warmup room.

Zion United Church, 423 Main St. N. Parking for drop-off and pick-up is on the east side of Main St. This is best accessed by driving north on Main St. Students are to enter the office door on the far left, NOT the front church doors, and proceed upstairs to the warmup room.

Mae Wilson Theatre, 217 Main St. N. If arriving by bus, drop-off and pick-up is in the alley, east of Main St. The back door must remain locked at all times, so please call 306-693-4700 to notify the volunteers that you have arrived. This is best accessed by driving south on Main St. and turning left on Fairford St., then turning right, into the alley. Students are to enter the back door and proceed downstairs to the warm up room. If your students are  arriving on foot, and not as a group, please have them enter via the front doors and follow the signs or volunteers to the warm up room.
To avoid blocking the alley while awaiting pick-up, please contact your bus driver via cell phone when your students are ready. Blocking the alley could result in a traffic violation.

Peacock Auditorium, 145 Ross St. E. Parking for drop-off and pick-up is behind the school on Caribou St. E. This is best accessed by driving south on Main St, turning left on Ross St, right on 3rd. Ave. NE, and right on Caribou. Students are to enter the back double doors and proceed downstairs to the warmup room. NOTE: To avoid congestion, there will be an up and down staircase. Please follow the signs and the volunteers.

Crescent Park Amphitheatre, “Moosic in the Park”,  200 & 300 block of Athabasca East. Parking for drop off is anywhere along Athabasca St. East. This is best accessed by driving east on Athabasca St E, east of the library. Even if it appears as though there is a lot of available parking, please do not park the bus on that street as many will be needing it for drop off and pick up. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve drop off parking here. You may have to double park for drop off.

Important *Long term bus parking during the festival must be away from Main St. The bus will receive a parking pass but it cannot remain at the drop-off points. Spots are usually available East of Main St. fairly close to the venues. After all, this is Moose Jaw. All distances are fairly close and walkable.

*** Please watch for signs indicating entrance doors ***

1 – St. Aidan Anglican Church – Jazz band clinics

2 – Mae Wilson Theatre – Concert band clinics and night shows

3 – Zion United Church – Choral clinics

4 – St. Andrew United Church – Concert band clinics

5 – Crescent Park Amphitheatre – Moosic in the Park

6 – Peacock Centennial Auditorium – Concert band clinics

Venue Map

Music: All music is own choice. You will have a fifty minute window for your performance and clinic, so you will have to plan accordingly as to how many selections you perform and how long a clinic you would prefer. The Moose Jaw Band & Choral Festival will not be responsible for any copyright infringement. We must ask that two original scores be provided for our clinicians. If you cannot have original scores, a form letter from a music retailer indicating that the score is on back order is necessary, or permission from the publisher to photocopy.
Please number every bar of music you are handing in to the clinicians.

Warm-up and Performance: With the exception of the 8:30 AM and 1:00 PM slots, warmup rooms are available one hour prior to your performance. If you are the first group to perform in the morning, or the first group in the afternoon, after leaving belongings in the warm up room, you’ll be able to warm up in the actual performance venue, as opposed to the warm-up room. Performance venues will be open at 7:50 am. Since it affects other groups, it is very difficult for us to alter your scheduled time for performance, so please arrive on time.

Night Shows: We work hard to make all events as affordable as possible for students. Night show tickets are $5.00 per performance, per person, and must be paid by cash or cheque prior to the concert. Tickets are NOT included in the festival registration fee.

Stay tuned for updates announcing our night show performers.

All night shows will be held at the Mae Wilson Theatre on Main St.

Each evening will have 2 – one hour performances, at 6:30 and 8:00. If you have not yet ordered tickets and are wanting some, please submit your request as soon as possible. Tickets must be paid for prior to the concert. Read about the performers on our website.

Clinicians: We are very pleased and excited to be able to present a talented slate of clinicians to work with your groups. Our clinicians are very familiar with the style and format of our festival, and their mandate is to educate and further strengthen the philosophy that music should be enjoyable. One clinician will do a written critique of your group’s performance. The other will do a recorded analysis. Then one or both clinicians will work with your group to explore the music in further detail. Also, if you request, they will work on fundamentals. Attached is a form we would like you to complete and hand in to the clinicians along with your music scores. Our clinicians’ biographies are available on our website.

Equipment Provided by the Festival:
CONCERT BANDS – A.E.Peacock Collegiate, St. Andrew Church and Mae Wilson Theatre :
music stands, four timpani (three timpani at St. Andrew), bass drum, orchestra bells, snare drum and suspended cymbal at all concert band venues.
Please note: We ask that you provide your own crash cymbals, sticks, beaters and mallets, as well as any auxiliary percussion – tambourines, maracas, etc. If you have any other special equipment requests such as vibraphone, marimba, chimes, drum set, amplifiers, etc ., they may be available upon request. Please label all equipment belonging to your group.

Deadline for requesting further equipment is April 24.

Please contact Cam Church at:

JAZZ BANDS – St. Aidan Church Hall : drum kit, electronic piano, bass amp, guitar amp, stands.
Deadline for requesting further equipment is April 24.

Please contact Cam Church at:

ALL CHOIRS – Zion United Church : The sanctuary and warm-up room will each have a piano. No sound system will be provided, as we have had no request for such in the past few years.
Deadline for requesting further equipment is April 24.

Please contact Cam Church at:

“Moosic in the Park” – Crescent Park Amphitheatre: bass drum, snare drum, suspended cymbal, music stands, choral risers, electric keyboard. Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:00-2:00, a variety of groups will check in for a 30 or 45 minute performance slot. Please check our online schedule for any openings and contact us if you are wanting to fill in any vacant spaces.

If you are not performing, you and your students are welcome to attend as part of the audience. Bring your lunch, or come before or after to enjoy wonderful music in a beautiful setting.

Photography: If you would like to have group photos taken, we ask that you contact any of our local photographers to make your own arrangements. These studios will know of great locations in town for your photographs.

T-Shirts: A good selection of souvenir t-shirts will be available at the Night Shows for $15.00.

Once again, thank you for choosing our festival. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via email. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your students perform.
See you in May!

Performance Group Biography: 
To be given to the clinicians prior to your performance.

Download the form here

Ensemble Name ________________________________________________________
Director(s) Name, experience, and background information  _____________


Community ____________________________________________________________
Group information:
How many years of study _________________________________________________
Student grades in the group _______________________________________________
School population _______________________________________________________
Additional group information

Areas of concern for clinicians to focus ______________________________